The rise of mail-in voting in Georgia

Last year, COVID-19 upended every facet of life and the act of voting was no exception. From the onset of the pandemic, voting rights experts began advocating for changes that would allow voters to register and cast their ballots safely and fairly in…

How We Helped Increase Voter Participation & Change the Culture Around Voting in 2020

We didn’t reinvent the digital organizing wheel, revolutionize livestreams, or pioneer the meme. However, when the pandemic hit, we shifted quickly from digital-first to an almost exclusively digital-only strategy using all the tools at our disposal to listen to the needs of young people and people of color, meet them…

By: Aaron Buchner, Research Director

Aaron Buchner, Research Director at When We All Vote

I’m Aaron, and I’m the Research Director at When We All Vote. This basically means that I lead on making sure all of our information about deadlines, registration, and voting is correct, and that we’re doing everything we can to protect the voting rights of…

By: Irene Franco Rubio, My School Votes National Regional Organizer

Photo Source: Irene Franco Rubio

In honor of Latinx Heritage Month and National Voter Registration Week of Action, our My School Votes Arizona team is hard at work making sure every eligible voter can make their voice heard. Whether it’s volunteering during a drive-thru food…

When We All Vote

We’re shaping the promise of our democracy through voter registration and participation. Because #WhenWeAllVote, we can change the world.

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