Voting in the “Valley of the Sun”

By: Irene Franco Rubio, My School Votes National Regional Organizer

Photo Source: Irene Franco Rubio

In honor of Latinx Heritage Month and National Voter Registration Week of Action, our My School Votes Arizona team is hard at work making sure every eligible voter can make their voice heard. Whether it’s volunteering during a drive-thru food distribution event or partnering with local Latinx community organizations to get out the youth vote, our My School Vote Arizona students highlight the vital Latinx work being done in a predominantly Spanish-speaking community.

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In the last few days leading up to the October 5th voter registration deadline in Arizona, we get our communities registered are empowering young and diverse communities of color to make their voices heard at the ballot box, and show up in numbers like never before. Here’s how we’re doing just that through My School Votes Arizona.

Latinx Heritage Month Panel Discussion

At an event during National Voter Registration Week of Action we discussed collaborative strategies and solutions for taking collective action to get young people registered to vote in classrooms across Arizona while celebrating our Latinx Arizona community!

In Arizona, 1.2 million Latinxs are eligible to vote in 2020. Our featured guest, Paola Ramos, Latinx journalist, writer and activist, shared a vital message with the Arizona community.

“In Arizona, young people have the opportunity to not only change the tide of history, but to be part of what drives this change,” said Ramos. “Let’s let our students lead us to that future we all want. Let’s get them registered to vote.”

Through collective action and community collaboration, we sought to spread the word about our effort to get young people registered in virtual classrooms, and how we hope to engage, inspire, and mobilize students to take action in their school communities across Arizona.

My School Votes Arizona ambassador Mansi Dabholkar said, “One of the main ideas touched on is that many parents of Latinx youth don’t have the ability to vote or understand how the process works, so it’s important for their kids to register and vote when they’re of age in order to help their parents with the process or give their parents a voice in the election.”

Caption Translation: “In celebration of National Voter Registration Week and Latinx Heritage Month, together, we will ensure that young Latinxs vote in our community.” Participants: In collaboration with local voter registration organizations in Arizona: Arizona Coalition for Change, Arizona Center for Empowerment, AZ Youth Climate Coalition, Aqui Se Vota, Chispa AZ, Arizona Youth Power Coalition, and Mi Familia Vota!

Fuel The Vote in Phoenix, Arizona

Fuel the Vote is a series of community drive-thru food and voter registration drives which took place in nine cities across the country, with Phoenix being one of them. By providing free contactless food for families in need while also helping them get registered to vote, Fuel the Vote supported those impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and underserved communities across the country.

In an effort to engage and mobilize our Phoenix community, My School Votes students came together to support their community and get out the vote as the state voter registration deadline quickly approached on October 5th!

Ella Forsyth, My School Votes ambassador fellow said, “In an era when connecting with those around you is increasingly difficult, this event was impactful for volunteers and seeing everyone on the ground working together was deeply impactful. Since so much of our work has been focused on virtual digital organizing, it is easy to forget that everyone on our screens are real people with their own lives and basic needs, too. With the voter registration deadline quickly approaching, it can be easy to get frustrated and burnt out but moments and events like these are why I keep pushing forward.”

Photo Source: Chris Groneng

My School Votes, and yours can too!

With our one-of-a-kind My School Votes virtual voter registration model, we’re crashing virtual classrooms and taking time to walk our peers through the voter registration process. Together, we are turning our schools into a hub for voter action, and we hope you can join us!

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When We All Vote is dedicated to changing the culture around voting and closing the race and age gap in voter registration to increase voter turnout in every election. My School Votes, our youth voter initiative, aims to empower educators and students to change the culture around voting in their schools, and ensure that all students are registered and ready to vote in every election. Join us at



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